S. R. Geetha, BAMS, ND

House Doctor

Dr GeethaDr. Geetha earned her BAMS from Trivandrum Ayurveda College in 1989. In both private and government sectors, she shows equal skill in curing patients, practicing prevention and educating others on authentic Ayurveda.

Dr. Geetha has experience successfully treating arthritis, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, frozen shoulder, cervical problems, skin diseases, diabetes mellitus, obesity and, many other conditions, including those caused primarily by stress.

She feels classical Ayurvedic medicine is best. “Hand-made herbal medicines are more effective than patent, bottled formulas, if all necessary ingredients are available and of high quality.”

“Whatever the disease may be,” she says, ”my fundamental approach is to balance the doshas by means of shaamana and shodhana methods to restore health.”

(Shaamana is mildtreatment dependent on followup care for long term effectiveness. Shodhana is deeper, longer-lasting treatment based on elimination, essentially, Pancha Karma.)

“Ayurveda treats the whole person,” she says, “not just a single tissue, organ or organ system. Whether a patient’s pain is in mind or body, faith and confidence are important. Patient and doctor are always partners in the healing process.”

Dr. Geetha has extensive experience treating and educating Western patients and students with warmth and wisdom.

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