V. Velayudhan Nair, BAM, MD(Ay)

Consulting Doctor

nairDr. Velayudhan Nair is a pillar in Trivandrum’s Ayurvedic community. Currently Vice Principal at Pankajakasthuri Ayurveda Medical College, Dr. Velayduan Nair has 39 years experience in both clinical practice and research in the field.

A mentor to more than 30 research scholars in the branch of Ayurveda known as dravyaguna (herbology, study of medicinal plants), he lead a scientific evaluation of medicinal botanicals in use by tribal people, and dedicated himself to the “Greenkerala” project, a collaboration between the students of Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College and the Forest Department of Kerala to promote herbal and cultural conservation while boosting the economic status of Kutumbhasree women near Trichur.

Skin disease is Dr. Velayudhan Nair’s clinical specialty, and he advises on related cases here at Rasa Ayurveda.

His main passion is teaching herbal plant identification and pharmacology and clinical application of the native medicinal plants of Kerala. His eyes sparkle as he speaks.

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