‘Sanju’ S. Sanjeevkumar

Siddha Vaidya
Therapist, Manager

skumarSanju does a great job making sure Rasa runs smoothly, but his real value comes from his twenty years experience as Siddha Vaidya therapist to patients from all over the world. (The Siddha Vaidya system of medicine is closely aligned with Ayurveda, native to Dravidian South India.) His background in Siddha Vaidya pharmacology and physiotherapy, along with his natural compassion, make Sanju a great teacher and insightful collaborator in patient diagnosis and treatment planning at Rasa Ayurveda.

Sanju trained directly under his ashan, Raman Harichandran, the great and well-loved Siddha doctor and master Siddha therapist, and studied under Harichandran’s senior students as well. During these years, Sanju learned the traditional guidelines for how and when to gather botanical ingredients, how to prepare treatment materials correctly, how to apply therapies to patients for the best results, and how to observe patients for clinical signs.

In the traditional gurukul style, Sanju studied the foundations of Siddha philosophy, pathology and diagnosis in Tamil Nadu with Natarajan, a senior student of Harichandran.

He learned to prepare complex Siddha medicines from original texts using traditional processing techniques, to produce high-quality internal and external formulas (tailam, kashayam, choornam, leyham, etc.), specific to the needs of each patient.

withthefamWith a certificate from the Jayabharath Institute of Pancha Karma, Sanju continued to serve the Harichandran family, working for many years as Head Therapist and Siddha Pharmacist for the Indian Longevity Clinic and International Siddha Vaidya Institute, run by Harichandran’s son, Reghu, and his business partner Dr. Rajkumar Reghunathan.

While many in his family are professionally-trained vocalists, Sanju claims he is not a singer. But it’s a rare day we don’t hear him spontaneously bursting into song, brightening everyone’s spirits at Rasa Ayurveda!

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