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2008 Women’s Ayurveda Scholarship Trip To Rasa Ayurveda

Remember the last time someone was really generous with you? What a great feeling, to be blessed by someone’s loving motivation to improve your world…

Grace flowed sweetly into Rasa Ayurveda and into the lives of eight women today through the generosity of a kind and inspired benefactor.

This summer, a generous and anonymous donor granted Rasa Ayurveda the funds for a small group of women to come experience traditional Ayurvedic therapies, meet the plants of the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia, and taste a bit of South Indian traditional life in Kerala. Taking place from September 25th thru October 11th, this trip will offer both healing and learning, as well as chances to share connection, knowledge and insight with local women and with each other.

Our scholarship selection committee has faced the grueling challenge of selecting just eight women from a daunting number of applications, completing the selection process today. Our main award criteria were financial need, a potential for healing benefit from taking retreat & Ayurvedic therapies at Rasa Ayurveda, and dedication to exploring the power of applied Ayurveda to heal people and restore the healing connection between people and Mother Nature.

Every application reflected earnest desire and worthiness, and oh how we wish ALL the applicants could come! Two things especially impressed us as we pored over applications: Several applicants wrote of their gratitude for this opportunity not only for themselves, but for all applicants. Such kind hearts! And it was evident in many essays, that a significant numbers of applicants have made altruistic sacrifices to pursue personal knowledge of Ayurveda and to help others to heal, to know themselves and to understand their relationship to nature thru Ayurvedic wisdom. We are very impressed with the integrity, passion and compassion we’ve seen reflected in the applications.

Note to Applicants: If you happened to apply for the 2008 scholarship and were awarded a spot, we sincerely hope you are feeling blessed. And if you applied for the 2008 scholarship and were not awarded a spot this time around, we truly hope you are feeling blessed, also, with your ability to connect with nature, and the potential you possess to bestow your own blessings on others thru your knowledge of Ayurveda.

We have not received funding for a future scholarship, but, the way Grace flows, beautiful things can happen anytime.

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Yours in the Spirit,

Niika Quistgard

Director, Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women