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Enjoying the Present, Growing the Future

Thank you to so many who called or emailed today in the midst of all the reporting on the Mumbai terrorist episode to check on us here at Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women.

We’re happy to say that we are all well and fine here. All is peaceful here in Kerala, blissfully so in our neighborhood here on the edge of this ancient city of Trivandrum.

My brother, Sanju noticed all the emails and calls coming in today. He was surprised people were concerned about us. He said, They don’t realize how unaffected we are. India is a huge country, and Mumbai is far, far away from here.

We talked about how the terrorists seem to be targeting mainly posh extravagant hotels promoting a modern Western lifestyle. What we are offering here is quite the opposite: a simple, traditional environment in harmony with the local culture.

Since we don’t watch television here, our eyes and ears haven’t been saturated in media images, repetitive content, comments and analysis of the sad events of the day in Mumbai. Instead of focusing our attention on events happening in some other place, we enjoyed working right here to further our mission: restoring and sustaining the health of women, culture and nature thru the traditional practice of Ayurveda and Siddha, Kerala’s indigenous healing arts.

Our day was perfectly lovely. We received local women for treatment, held an upbeat staff meeting with all 14 of us in attendance, expanded Rasa‘s collection of medicinal plants, began collecting ingredients for the traditional oil formulas we’ll be making by hand next week and discussed the itinerary for the upcoming Women’s Ayurveda Retreat.

Our hearts go out to anyone who is suffering because of these tragic events. But here, there is no trace of suffering. Only another sumptuous Kerala day, alternating rain and sun, surrounded by Nature’s botanical blessings, loving people and the magical synergy of these that continues to bring the GRACE of healing and happiness to the patients here at Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women.

With the blessings of the present moment~

Niika Quistgard, Director/Managing Director

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