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Staff Recreation Days

Namaskaaram to you~

At Rasa Ayurveda, we treasure our staff members!

Every year in early March, when the annual temple festival season heats up along with the temperatures and our season of healing winds down. The staff take a bit of a break before coming back together for trainings and preparations for Rasa Ayurveda’s re-opening in June.

But before dispersing, we the whole Rasa Ayurveda family came together to enjoy a full weekend of fun! The first day featured a schedule packed with games and competitions all directed by our own Dr. Geetha, and fueled by a treat meal sponsored by the staff.

Staff Recreation - Day 1

The second day, we visited a lovely tourist park, “Velli” on the other side of Trivandrum for a boat ride, a little time on the beach and lunch in a “floating” restaurant.

Staff Recreation Day 2 - Velli Tourist Park

The entire two days was a blast! We shared a lot of love and tons of laughs!


We really enjoy our work at Rasa Ayurveda, but we also know the value of having fun once in a while…!


by Niika Quistgard, Director