Prayers for Gabe

Namaskaaram to you~

With sadness and concern, the staff at Rasa Ayurveda received the news that my son Gabe, 19 years old was terribly injured in an accident in the U.S. in which he lost both of his legs.

Since then, our Rasa Ayurveda family has been a wonderful support and source of abundant prayers for Gabe’s survival and recovery. We’re all hoping Gabe will be able to return to Kerala for a visit and further healing sometime soon. To learn more about Gabe’s progress, visit the blog:

Prayers for Gabe

Prayers for Gabe

Sanju and Dr. Geetha have teamed up to formulate a new bathi incense dedicated to Gabe and hand-rolled by the staff. The first batch will arrive in the U.S. any day now. And of course, everyone at Rasa Ayurveda has dedicated themselves even more vigorously to their work, so that while I stay by Gabe’s side for a little while longer, the clinic is open and ready to receive patients and students for another fantastic year of traditional healing in Kerala.

We welcome you to visit Rasa Ayurveda soon~

Niika Quistgard, Director


  1. Dear Niika,

    After my life-renewing (both inside and out) trip to Rasa Ayurveda last winter and learning how to hand-roll incense sticks (my first attempts resembled corn-dogs-on-a-stick) from the lovely Rasa ladies here in this photo, I definitely want to sign up for buying lots of the Gabe’s Special Incense! Keep us posted.

    I have been following his recovery daily since his accident, and now his physical strengthening in rehab – he looks beautiful and strong…

    with warm pranams…

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