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Edible Beauty, Medicinal Food

Kerala is an herb basket, spice basket and produce basket! Valuable aromatics like cardamom, clove and black pepper had adventurers landing on Kerala’s shores as early as a thousand years before Christ. And Kerala is the source of thousands of pounds of Ayurvedic medicinal plants used in formulas consumed locally and all over the world. But don’t forget another aspect of Kerala’s botanical bounty: an amazing abundance of fruits and vegetables!

Tasty Papaya growing at Rasa Ayurveda

Tasty Papaya growing at Rasa Ayurveda

At Rasa Ayurveda, we serve Kerala cuisine, prepared according to Ayurvedic guidelines for each patient. Even during pancha karma, everyone enjoys a variety of tasty, easy-to-digest, cleansing and nourishing meals. Some fruits and vegetables possess distinctly medicinal qualities, like muringakku (drumstick), pavakku (bitter melon), nellikku (amalaki) and cheryaulli (shallot). I’ve counted at least 14 types of bananas here, some indicated for digestive upset, some for cooling the body, and more.

Bananas on the Tree at Rasa Ayurveda

Bananas on the Tree at Rasa Ayurveda

When you come to Rasa Ayurveda, try to set aside a morning at the end of your stay to walk around the produce market. You’ll be amazed to discover edibles you never new existed…! In the topmost photo, you can see the veggies on offer at one small stand: red amaranth, garlic scapes, bitter melon, three varieties of fresh chili, one of several varieties of green bean, carrot, tomato, bhringal (eggplant), ginger and tasty green mango. (Too many mango varieties to count here…!)

Far in the back–under wraps–is a big bunch of karrivepella – the fresh ‘curry leaf’ that brings so much fragrance to many Kerala dishes, while treating high cholesterol and parasites, too.

Muringella Dosa - stuffed with a highly nutritive (and tasty!) medicinal leaf

Muringella Dosa – stuffed with a highly nutritive (and tasty!) medicinal leaf

edible foods

Kerala meals are made up of rich, multi-cultural culinary–and even spiritual–tradition. When you come to Rasa Ayurveda as a patient, or with a group trip or retreat thru, you can enjoy impromptu cooking classes and an intimate introduction to the edible beauty of Kerala at every meal.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Rasa Ayurveda~

Niika Quistgard, CAS