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Found My Bliss at Rasa Ayurveda

Gwen Dever at Rasa Ayurveda

I’ve had the good fortune to be lovingly looked after by the very capable staff at Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women twice now, and I’m eagerly awaiting visit number three!

My first time to Rasa Ayurveda was for a women’s retreat offered through Ayurveda Trip in 2008, mainly to learn more about Ayurveda and take a taste of South India. This was a wonderful, soulful and eye-opening experience. I left with a new-found understanding of what Ayurvedic treatment can accomplish,, and I knew  – at some point – I’d be back.

With a New Friend on my first trip to Rasa Ayurveda

Last summer, I came back to Rasa Ayurveda purely as a patient, to address my ongoing digestive issues with traditional Ayurvedic treatment. (In my case, “PK” or pancha karma.) I’d felt my chronic digestive problems were a sign of overall imbalance, and my discomfort had really been clouding my enjoyment of day-to-day life.

During my treatment at Rasa Ayurveda, I felt so incredibly supported and cared for. My daily Ayurvedic treatment(s), began from when my therapist appeared at my door of my room to escort me to my therapy session where I received an amazing treatment. Then I was escorted back to my room to the simple hot water bath/shower set up. Three lovingly-prepared luscious, authentic meals were served family style around the dining table and I enjoyed the chance then to catch up with others who were sharing the clinic with me. I really enjoyed my daily strolls through the welcoming traditional community, the temple visits and the smiles, waves and interest from the neighbours and their beautiful children, and a little yoga, Ayurvedic cooking and  introduction to Ayurveda basics classes, too.

I  still enjoy remembering waking with the sounds of the temples and going to sleep when my body was tired. Not to mention soaking up the time spent in the garden enjoying the hammocks, the sounds of nature and the smells of the tropical Kerala flora that is all around. Really, what’s not to love!?! In the quiet time that I yearned for and enjoyed while at Rasa Ayurveda,  I was able to meditate, read and escape the thoughts of my usual busy life.  What a joy!  I remember the tropical breezes keeping me cool and the smell of the Ayurvedic oil on my skin. I’m remembering the woody sandalwood and sweet coconut and other exotic (to me, anyway) herbs that make up the handmade oils used in the massage treatments.  (Those same oils have come in very handy this winter to keep my skin supple instead of it drying out as it tends to do in the low humidity atmosphere of a blowing furnace. I’m a convert! I love Ayurveda!)

As a  patient on this last visit, I learned more about myself both from Doctor and from the treatments.  Even though you may think from reading about PK (pancha karma) that it could be a harsh experience, it is simply not that way in the loving hands of the Rasa Ayurveda staff.  I truly felt very supported and happy and loved then, and I am still feeling the benefits of those 21 days in Kerala.

It’s been 7 months since my treatment. I’ve just completed a stressful cross-Atlantic move from the UK back to the states (OMG!), while facing a series of unexpected family situations. In spite of this super-high stress which in the past would almost certainly have brought some digestive issues to forefront of my days, I’m so happy to share that my system has been steady, and just keeps motoring on without complaint.

My time at Rasa Ayurveda also resulted in my losing weight, which I’d hardly dared to hope for. I don’t lose weight easily and seem to gain it back quickly – but the weight has stayed off all these months!

Gwen Soaks up South India

I’m also able to incorporate some of the Ayurvedic practices, foods and cooking methods that I learned at Rasa Ayurveda into my western life now, which brings me a lot of joy and balance.

Dr. Geetha recommended that I return for a maintenance treatment in two years. I cherish knowing that another session at Rasa Ayurveda is on my schedule. With Rasa Ayurveda in my world, I really feel I am “making life juicy!”
Gwen Dever
Chicago, IL, USA