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Woman Power in India

It’s not always easy to make a business work. Any business that involves caring for, housing and feeding people around the clock will be extra challenging.
Making it all work in India? A fierce dedication, a whole lot of energy and quite of bit of good luck have GOT to be on your side…!

Niika Quistgard with Davina of Lagoona Davina

I had the good fortune to meet Davina, a very strong, visionary European woman who opened her waterside boutique hotel just south of Kovalam years ago. She is well know for toughing out many challenges over the years to make a good go of her place – Davina Lagoona.

I stopped in to see her when I heard she was packing up after many more years in South India than she had expected to stay. We shared an hour or so of stories, laughs and nods of recognition and understanding as we each reviewed our experiences of what it’s like to build a dream project here in Kerala.

I wish Davina well as she launches into a completely new project, involving the French countryside, good friends – and her passion for Polish chickens! Davina has a blog, here.

You’ve been an inspiration, Davina. Best of luck!

Niika Quistgard
Founder & Director, Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women