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Meet Anjana

youngest daughter of our dear Sanjeev 'Sanu' Kumar

youngest daughter of our dear Sanjeev ‘Sanju’ Kumar

Today is a special day for my niece, Anjana S. Nair. It’s her birthday! Traditionally, birthdays are not celebrated during the first year after a close relative passes away. But she has been on my mind and in my heart so strongly, I can’t help but at least acknowledge that today is her day, and share who she is with you.

Anjana is a very lively and intelligent girl! From her earliest years, she often accompanies her Grandmother as she walks to temple to pray and make offerings, coming home bearing prasadam (blessed sweets) to share with everyone in the house.

She loves spending time with her friends, and arranging fun situations everyone can enjoy.

Anjana is remarkably adventurous, bold and never fearful. She jumps at the chance to swim whenever we get the opportunity to go to the pool and ocean together – when she was small, it took all my strength to hold her on the shore as she wanted to rush into the waves to play! She is a fantastic bicycle rider, and she plays the violin with her natural ear for music and rhythm.

This year, Anjana was accepted to Christ Nagar Secondary School in Nanthancodu, near Kerala’s capital and the home of Rasa Ayurveda, Trivandrum. Her favorite school subjects are chemistry, biology and physics. If you ask her what she plans to be when she is all grown up, she will likely say, “A doctor!”

She has been selected to be leader of her school marching band! She has a special baton to control the movements and actions of the more than 40 band members.

She has a natural practical intelligence, like her father. Even at her young age, she is a good help at Rasa Ayurveda –a mini-manager!–finding problems and correcting them and encouraging the staff. She speaks with all the women who come to Rasa Ayurveda with charm, poise and a sparkling smile. Her English is very good, and she loves to sit with our patients, students and retreatants with patience as women are learning traditional skills like making flower malas. She’s already ready to help apply mylangi (henna designs) to eager palms, too!

Anjana shares a car ride and laugh with a retreatant at Rasa Ayurveda.

Anjana shares a car ride and laugh with a retreatant at Rasa Ayurveda.

It’s traditional not to mention the actual number of years a person is on their birthday in Kerala, so I’ll let you wonder about that if you don’t already know Anjana’s age! I can say that I have had the good fortune to know this dear girl from her early days, and I can say she is a treasure at every age!

In spite of the loss of her deeply loving father, I look forward to watching Anjana’s future unfold with brilliance and heart.

If you’d like to post a greeting to share with her today, please do. If you’d like to email photos of your children or pets or post them to FaceBook, that would be lovely, too!

With love and care,
Niika Quistgard
Founder & Director, Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women
at Surabhi River House