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The Wish

My Wish to Bring Ayurveda to all Women

Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women began as a wish in my heart, a wish to offer women the opportunity to experience authentic Ayurveda in a sacred, ashram-like environment where the guru each woman listened to is her own inner wisdom. In addition to the amazing physical healing I have witnessed over the years at Rasa Ayurveda, I also saw the fulfillment of my true wish and the ultimate promise of Ayurveda – that every woman receive that deeper healing which, regardless of her physical state, invites her to be securely and comfortably seated in her own true self.

Beginning in January 2008, we welcomed women from more than 50 countries all over the globe to make their way to our small, quiet clinic, to lay their burdens down completely and be restored in body, mind and heart through our comprehensive Ayurvedic treatment and our loving, respectful care.

This all began with a prayer I made in January 2006, my feet caressed by warm waves on the shore of the Arabian Sea in Kerala, South India. I stood with 3 other women – friends and colleagues – as we offered our most cherished wishes in little jackfruit leaf boats to the Mother Goddess sea for her blessing, and to empower their manifestation. So many incredible and very unlikely events transpired to fulfill this wish, and so many people participated. And no one contributed more than my dear adopted Malayalee brother, Sanjeev ‘Sanju’ Kumar.

It’s been 18 months now since he very suddenly passed away. Somehow, we carried forward to complete what would be our final treatment session, and when I closed the clinic for the hot season – as we always do – I wondered, “What would come next?”

Would my sister-in-law, Bindu G. Nair, find her way forward to keep Rasa Ayurveda alive? Would other people – local or foreign – show up to participate in creating a new chapter for Rasa Ayurveda that would allow us to continue to welcome women for the deep healing we’ve become known for?

I kept quiet for some months, licked my internal wounds, I suppose you could say, and watched and waited to see what kind of Phoenix wanted to rise from the sad ashes of Sanju’s death. My main focus was on his wife and daughters, and their adjustment to a life without husband, father or any man in the family. In South India, a woman without a man – a husband, father or brother – faces many more challenges than many of us from cultures elsewhere can possibly understand.

As the months wore on, I decided that, instead of re-opening as a full service residential Ayurveda clinic for women, we might reduce the scope of responsibility and complexity that deep clinical work entails, and open instead as an incredibly valuable women’s retreat offering the traditional, grass-roots trainings we had also become well-known for to encourage professional and lay women alike to learn Ayurvedic principles, self-care, nutrition, treatments, post-natal protocols and more.

So, I returned to India and spent time with Sanju-aniyan’s family, and I’m proud to say I found the girls doing extremely well in school and in life, feeling their new responsibility to make their time count. And Rasa Ayurveda’s newly-remodeled building on the banks of the Karamana River stood so beautifully radiant ready to be put to good use. Seeing our own building completed made me feel proud, and also so sad. Sanju aniyan and I worked so hard and sacrificed so much in order to secure a permanent home for Rasa Ayurveda. Many women around the world had responded to our fund-raising efforts, also, purchasing treatment in advance and making donations and even though Sanju aniyan was not standing next to me, able to enjoy our final accomplishment, I felt he must know that the job got done well.

But after a few months of hosting women and students on a very limited basis, it became clear to me that re-opening Rasa Ayurveda is NOT the next best step at this time. Bindu aniyetti really wants a regular office job with limited hours, so she can stay close to home in these final years of the girls’ education. Keeping Rasa Ayurveda running was always a rewarding yet demanding calling! And honestly, it has to be said: no one can replace Sanju aniyan’s skills and experience, nor step into the huge gap left he left where there was trust, joy and a deep connection that allowed he and I to bring our unique talents together to create and sustain Rasa Ayurveda.

While we continue to receive inquiries about coming to Rasa Ayurveda each and every day, time must move forward.

We are soon offering our beautiful Rasa Ayurveda building for sale. (Yes, let us know if you are interested.)

And I, with my heart softly healed of the losses now, I hope to serve women from a variety of life stages and cultures well with the knowledge and experience I’ve been blessed to gain through my years directing Rasa Ayurveda. My new website – When you visit will offer online courses in Ayurveda’s basic concepts, Ayurvedic self-care for women and much more to bring the value of Ayurveda to life – right in the midst of your life – without passport, long flight or jet lag…!

At, can also learn how to schedule me as a live or online speaker or contact me about consulting services if you’re thinking about bringing Ayurvedic knowledge, products or therapies into your business offerings. Women of the world can only benefit from more opportunities to experience authentic Ayurveda!

I am so deeply grateful to the mysterious Shakti that allowed the Rasa Ayurveda experience to happen for so many. I trust this great and Awesome power will continue to unfurl the path before all of us as we meet our greatest potential health, happiness and longevity, and in turn fulfill our destiny in the service of all.

As we make our way forward in our journey of Ayurveda, I invite you to explore – as this Ayurveda resource begins to sprout and take root to bloom for women everywhere.

Come on over. I’d love to see you there!

May you feel the blessing of your own sweet Self.

with great care and deep appreciation,
Niika - Ayurveda for Women