At Rasa Ayurveda each patient room is named after a local medicinal plant related to woman’s health. Whether you find yourself waking up in Shataavari, Thulasi or Kayonni, you will enjoy a clean, simple and comfortable private room with private bathroom.

Some of rooms have western toilets, and others have Indian-style, squat toilets. Each of these toilet styles has their unique advantages. Please note: If you experience knee or balancing problems, please inform us and we will arrange a room that will best suit your needs.

Air conditioning is not on the menu at Rasa Ayurveda. The peace and lack of electric energy that come with living “au naturel” – without an artificially controlled environment–compliment the needs of body and mind during treatment time.

Because Rasa Ayurveda is a residential Ayurvedic clinic, we do not offer lodging separate from treatment. The cost of your accommodation is always included in the daily rate.

Patients are assigned to a single room, unless a double room is requested. If you come to Rasa Ayurveda with a friend or family member, you can save 5% off the daily rate by choosing to room together in one of our few double-occupancy rooms, also with private bath.

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