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Woman Power in India

It’s not always easy to make a business work. Any business that involves caring for, housing and feeding people around the clock will be extra challenging. Making it all work in India? A fierce dedication, a whole lot of energy and quite of bit of good luck have GOT to be on your side…! I…

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Monsoon Meditation

The sensory qualities of monsoon make it a natural time to turn one’s attention within. Meditation comes easily now. The world is soft and quiet, and every storm washes the inner and outer worlds clean. Even if you can’t come to Kerala to receive Ayurvedic treatment during monsoon (June & July), you can savor a…

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Shirodhara: Golden Thread of Peace

Shirodhara (also spelled Sirodhara in the South Indian transliteration) is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment that can feel so good, its sometimes called “bliss therapy!” Shirodhara is a shamana  treatment, often prescribed during the rasayana rejuvenation period after pancha karma (the traditional Ayurvedic five actions of detoxification), or any time calming and re-integrating the nervous system…

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Found My Bliss at Rasa Ayurveda

I’ve had the good fortune to be lovingly looked after by the very capable staff at Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women twice now, and I’m eagerly awaiting visit number three! My first time to Rasa Ayurveda was for a women’s retreat offered through Ayurveda Trip in 2008, mainly to learn more about Ayurveda…

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Beginning Year 5 – Rasa Ayurveda Continues

Dear Friends, How does a dream become manifest? Usually, the path is filled with mysterious challenges and Grace. We wouldn’t call it a journey if we traveled to our destination in a “straight line…!” It was just a little more than 4 years ago that we opened the doors of Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre…

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