Healing Plants & Energies on Medicine Mountain

We’ve just returned to Rasa Ayurveda after leading a group of women from Chicago on a learning expedition to Medicine Mountain in Tamil Nadu. The great Indian epic, the Ramayana, tells the story of Lord Rama and his servant Hanuman, the monkey God who is the embodient of service and devotion. In the Ramayana,  Hanuman…

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Manjal: Good as Gold

Manjal (pronouned “mun-yal”) means “turmeric” in Malayalam. And “manja” – pronounced “mun-ya”– means “yellow”. The medicinal, culinary and sacred uses of manjal are so varied and wide-spread that I’d need a bookfull of pages to cover all the facts. So here’s just a taste of info on manjal that will surely whet your appetite for…

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Monsoon is the Right Time

It’s been raining steady since yesterday afternoon here in Kerala, as, in this season of monsoon, it should every few days or so. Now it’s 9 am, and in my house we have been current illa without electricity since about 5 am. The rain whether drizzling or pelting forms a blanket of soft vibration over…

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