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Pancha Karma

Pancha Karma is the classic Ayurvedic regimen for purifying and rejuvenating the physical and emotional bodies. Originally designed to bolster the health and longevity of royalty, Pancha Karma is a wonderful process designed to “hit the reset button” in our health and lives. Considered most valuable for protecting natural balance and preventing disease, the clearing and restoration available thru Pancha Karma is powerful preventative medicine. Through Pancha Karma, toxic residue, energies and blockages can be guided out and away from the body and mind before obvious symptoms become manifest.

Pancha Karma can also halt disease in some patients, reverse the disease process in some, and potentially heal previously damaged tissues in some women. At Rasa Ayurveda, we feel particularly confident treating digestive imbalances, sinus difficulties, joint problems, reproductive and hormonal disorders, overweight and underweight cases, some auto-immune diseases, “burn out” and other mental/emotional/nervous system imbalances. Post-chemotherapy patients have also benefited greatly from treatment.

A Pancha Karma program involves three parts:

1) Poorva Karma – Preparation
After an initial consultation, dietary and herbal practices prepare or “ripen” the body and mind for complete detoxification and elimination of excess doshic energies.

2) Pancha Karma – the “Five Actions”
As diet and herbal support continues, customized therapies act to coax toxins and excess doshic energies from deeper tissues into the digestive tract. These toxins and forces are then eliminated through those of the five actions determined most appropriate for you. The five actions of Pancha Karma are designed to eliminate excess toxins and doshic energies from the tissues and pathways of the body and mind to support health, increase digestive power, build the vitality of the tissues, nourish the nervous system, balance the mind and restore the senses to clarity.

3) Rasayana – Rejuvenation
Once body and mind are clean and clear, it’s time to build all the tissues with excellent nourishment for sustained well-being and longevity. A customized Rasayana program includes nutrition plan, herbal supplements, therapeutic self-care practices and lifestyle choices.

Pancha Karma is thought to increase healthy longevity, improving one’s capacity to accomplish one’s dharma (sacred life purpose) while fully enjoying all the natural pleasures of life.

Pancha Karma effectively “hits the reset button” in body and mind, and almost always results in a true experience of “re-birth,” when a woman can experience what it is to be renewed in mind, body and spirit.

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Many choose to do Pancha Karma after a period of stress or overindulgence in poor dietary choices. Some make Pancha Karma an annual birthday gift to themselves, or do PK at every change of season. (That’s three times a year, according to Ayurveda.)


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