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I loved the personal approach and atmosphere. Rasa Ayurveda was a home away from home. Great doctor and therapists. The treatments were specifically designed for me, and the massages were beautiful.”
Prabha Claire Demasson

Linda CarpenterIt’s so easy to forget our connection with Mother Earth in the West, but here at Rasa Ayurveda the respect for the healing properties of plants, energies and the knowledge of how to use them put me in touch with myself again. Also, the therapists are confident in their abilities and give so generously through their touch.”
Linda Carpenter

I’ve been sharing my Rasa experience whenever I can. I had such a peaceful time there that supported me through my transition. This could not have been possible without your incredible staff.”
Maria Carbonell

Krystyna ZarembaRasa Ayurveda has such a warm, supportive, caring family-like atmosphere which is so important when receiving treatment. The garden and land are magical. Watching the preparations of medicines was so good. The whole experience was well integrated, an informal, yet well-organized approach.”
Krystyna Zaremba
Krakow, Poland

I really think that my stay at Rasa Ayurveda was perfect.
Deanna Combs

Wonderful people, relaxed atmosphere and great treatments really gave me the opportunity to completely rest without being worried, feeling guilty or any other things popping into my mind. Through this process I feel I was able to let go of old patterns built up from when I was young, and don’t need anymore.

“I can only say Rasa Ayurveda is surely the place I was looking for to do my Pancha Karma treatment. I hope I will have the opportunity to come back in the future. I know now that I can feel very much at home in a place so different from Holland.”
Nouty Bouchadha

Sirisha and MomWe had an awesome time and a true rejuvenating experience. Thank you all!”
Andhra Pradesh, India

“I can’t think of anything that could improve my experience at Rasa Ayurveda. It was so perfect.
Ellen Shifrin

THANK YOU! My stay at Rasa Ayurveda was the best thing I have done for myself in years. It has been such a gift and a real treat. I will treasure the peace that I have found here, and hope to keep it with me for the months to come. I am leaving re-charged and definitely happier than when I arrived.”
Hélène Jasinski

My experience here has been very positive. I have felt nurtured and well looked after. The environment is beautiful and peaceful and the food very delicious. I feel rejuvenated and at peace with myself. Many thanks to all the staff who have contributed to my wonderful stay here.”
Kalpana Dorlikar

NQwithAnuI felt cradled in love and care at Rasa Ayurveda. I came to seek restoration and healing, physically, mentally and emotionally. I now leave feeling renewed on every level.”
Lyn Russell

“Thank you for making Rasa Ayurveda possible and for your love and kindness. This has been a dream come true.
Christina Reinhart, ND
North Dakota

I will always remember my experience at Rasa Ayurveda as deeply nourishing and would recommend it to any woman seeking deep healing and transformation. Your work is a blessing to our planet in these times.”
Siri Chand Khalsa
New Mexico

The food at Rasa Ayurveda is as nourishing as the treatments. I never feel this nourished at home! I’ve been here at Rasa Ayurveda for a week already and I haven’t had a meal yet that I didn’t LOVE, nurturing me on a deep level. Each meal seems to possess Ayurveda’s six tastes, and everything is so fresh. This Kerala Ayurvedic cuisine is so balanced, digestible and nourishing, without being heavy, oily or too spicy. This has radically expanded my understanding of what a great Pancha Karma menu can be. My treatments are amazing, but just the food could bring me back to Rasa Ayurveda.”
Amy Trees
San Francisco

Angela Winquist

I’d been through a lot of emotional upheaval before coming to Rasa Ayurveda. I was having trouble focusing on tasks. It was really bad! I later read that emotional upheaval can be a cause of A.D.D., and that made sense to me.

“When I arrived at Rasa Ayureda, I felt very welcome and comfortable. Because of my challenge, it was hard for me to stay quiet and still in the clinic the first week, but the treatments helped a lot.

“When I got back home from India, I found that I could focus completely on whatever was the task at hand, whereas before it had been almost impossible. “I’m doing really well now! I just signed up for further studies in my field and my concentration is great. I know the treatment I received at Rasa Ayurveda really helped me regain my ability to focus my attention.”
Sara Marand
Northern California

10NQCarolAfter seeing Ayurvedic oils being made right before my eyes from local plants at Rasa Ayurveda––I felt a deeper power in receiving my therapies each day. What a realization! I was not only being treated with traditional formulas containing ingredients designed to bring balance to my tissues, but also with the palpable energy of the joy, thoughtfulness and dedication in the people preparing every hand-made drop. Caring, healing energy was being created for me even before I lay down on the therapy table, starting with the collection of botanicals, fuel and skillful combining of time and ingredients in a big, beautiful traditional pot, stirred over a coconut husk fire with loving intention.”
Mary Fleischman

My daughter and I had such an amazing time! There are no words to fully describe all that we experienced. Rasa Ayurveda is a really special Ayurvedic clinic where true healing occurs. Doctor is extremely knowledgeable and so happy to teach Ayurveda to westerners. I love all the staff! They make Rasa Ayurveda a very happy place to be. Feels like home, while being completely taken care of.”
Julie Wardwell, CAS

It’s hard to describe what is so easy to feel! It has been interesting watching myself not so hyper and stressed. Many thanks for that!”
Lilavati Papas
New Jersey

Please pass on how much I miss each of the Rasa staff!
Jessica L. Anderson, ND

“It was one month ago today that I came home from India. Wow – hard to believe. I miss Rasa Ayurveda! I have such wonderful thoughts and memories still swimming around in my head. My life is forever changed because of the amazing experience I had there.
Marisa Laursen, CAS
Southern California

“Give all my friends at Rasa Ayurveda a BIG HELLO! and tell them they’ll be part of me forever.”
Gwen Dever, BS

“Please let everyone at Rasa Ayurveda know that even though it has now been nearly a year since I met them and came to wonderful India, I still think of them and may be preparing to come again!
Jolene Struebbe