Rasa Ayurveda ~ Daily Rate

Welcome to Our Stress-Free All-Inclusive Daily Rate

Rasa Ayurveda’s simple daily rate is designed to leave your mind uncluttered and free to surrender to your total healing and transformation. One daily rate entitles you to receive everything you need, including ~

~ private room and private bath (unless you select double occupancy)

Rasa Room

~ your personal Ayurvedic intake with Rasa Ayurveda’s house doctor (consultations with Ayurvedic Speciality doctors also available)

~ a private in-person or virtual meeting with Niika Quistgard, CAS, expert in Ayurvedic health and life coaching for women (additional sessions may be available)

~ a customized treatment plan to meet your health goals, with thorough supervision of your progress

~ all full-body and localized Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidya treatments included in your treatment plan

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~ all internal medicines, delivered directly to you at dosage times

~ delicious and varied gluten, dairy and soy-free, vegetarian Kerala-style Ayurvedic meals, adjusted for special dietary or treatment-specific needs

~ weekly Ayurvedic cooking class

Making Dosa in the Rasa Ayurveda Kitchen

Making Dosa in the Rasa Ayurveda Kitchen

~ weekly Ayurveda Basics Question & Answer Session (pre-registration required, after arrival)

~ local assistance planning and arranging up to 2 half-day and 1 full-day trips for temple visits, Vedic astrology readings, cultural experiences, sightseeing, beach time and shopping–if desired and your treatment allows

~ wireless internet
(A computer or ipad is available for your use. We strongly encourage you to leave your work at home!)

~ basic laundry service

~ personalized instruction in 3 traditional self-care practices to continue in your daily life when you leave Rasa Ayurveda

~ a personalized “Out Take” with our house doctor, plus a Report of Recommendations for your diet, herbal medicines, lifestyle and more for your life at home, after your stay at Rasa Ayurveda

~ arrival and departure transfers from airport or train station, 7 am to 11 pm
Our driver will be delighted to greet you or drop you off at any hour of the night! (A fee applies to transfers between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am.)

Want our daily rate? Rates depend on when you come, and a few other factors. Inquire now to let us know your plans and we’ll reply with the best daily rate we can offer you!

Could there be additional costs?
You may choose to allow for extras in your budget, depending on your needs and desires.
Not included in the daily rate:

~ outside diagnostic services if necessary and desired, such as scans, MRIs, bloodwork, etc.
~ internal and/or external medicines to continue your care after your stay
~ outside tourism expenses for trips away from Rasa Ayurveda
~ transportation for trips away from Rasa Ayurveda
~ tipping the staff at the end of your stay at Rasa Ayurveda

I’d like to come to Rasa Ayurveda, and I want to be certain I’m receiving a good value. Any suggestions?
Know the Value ~ Spending time away from home and paying one known daily rate for your complete lodging, meals and Ayurvedic treatment can actually be less expensive than staying home!
Try this exercise:
Add up all projected costs of being at home for the same period you plan to stay at Rasa Ayurveda. Include groceries, utilities, auto fuel and expenses, dining out, entertainment, shopping, massage appointments, doctor’s visits…
You get the idea!
Next, subtract this amount from the expense of receiving Ayurvedic treatment at Rasa Ayurveda. You’ll see the net cost of your trip to Rasa Ayurveda is significantly lower!

Select your Season ~ Come to Rasa Ayurveda between June 1st and October 31st, when rates are lowest. Besides, monsoon–June and July, and late October–is considered the ideal time to receive traditional Ayurvedic treatment!

Double-Occupancy ~ Book your time at Rasa Ayurveda along with your a friend – or your mother, daughter, sister, auntie, cousin– and opt to share a room. You’ll both enjoy a 5% discount.

Return to Rasa Ayurveda ~ If you’ve been to Rasa Ayurveda at least once before, enjoy a 5% discount on all return visits.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Rasa Ayurveda…

Want our daily rate?Rates depend on when you come, and a few other factors Let us know your plans, here, and we’ll reply with the best daily rate we can offer you!


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