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Embracing the Goodness of the Future for Yourself & for Rasa Ayurveda

Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women has arrived at an important moment, and we’d like to ask for your participation to meet this moment successfully, while embracing a great opportunity to care for yourself, too.

Some months ago, we advanced a deposit toward the purchase of a house – ‘River House’ – across the lane from the current clinic we rent in Thittamangalam. The house is set above the Karamana River in a quiet area set back from the lane. If you’ve been to Rasa Ayurveda, you may remember the house, with a long driveway, and a large stuffed plush dog usually sitting outside the front door.

When we were presented with this opportunity, we were grateful, as we know the right next step is to stabilize the location of Rasa Ayurveda. Until now, Rasa Ayurveda has occupied the main clinic building and annex by rental arrangement. Leasing is not practiced or enforceable in Kerala, and so, Rasa Ayurveda has no security in our current location. (The kind of building required for a residential clinic is somewhat specific and not easy to find and rent.) River House will serve well as an annex or as a main clinic building if the need arises.)

Rasa Ayurveda literally arose out of the positive relationships cultivated on the outskirts of Trivandrum for years before opening the clinic. These relationships and local goodwill are an enormous and necessary resource for the friendly and secure reception of our all-female international patient population and for our staff. The completed purchase of the River House will allow us to maintain these essential ties, and also to plant our collection of over 130 medicinal perennials, shrubs and trees now in temporary clay pots. Allowed to root into the earth in a permanent place, the plants will thrive, and so will Rasa Ayurveda. With ownership, we will also be able to officially participate in community issues, and do our best to positively influence decision-making that affects the natural environment and community in our area.

The bottom line? The funding we expected has fallen through, and we now have just 30 days to come up with $90,000 or lose our deposit and the opportunity to provide a stable future for Rasa Ayurveda.

We know raising this money is a very tall order, and it comes at a time when we all agree: all resources should be used wisely. The best investments are those that bring benefit in all directions, aren’t they? With this in mind, we’ve come up with these special ‘one-time only’ offers to inspire your positive action. We hope you feel inspired…!

~We Invite You to Take Action with one of these One-time Only Offers ~

Share your Rasa Ayurveda Experience code – ‘With A Friend’
Come with a friend to Rasa Ayurveda for 14 days in any season for just $ 2,700 US for the two of you, all-inclusive. Pay by August 30th to take advantage of this offer, and book dates within the next 36 months.

Come with a friend to Rasa Ayurveda for 21 days in any season for just $ 4,050 US for the two of you, all-inclusive. Pay by August 30th to take advantage of this offer, and book dates within the next 36 months.

Support Yourself & Rasa Ayurveda code – ‘Support’ Here’s a way to make a positive commitment AND leave your options open! Pay a good faith deposit at any level now, and you can book treatment any time in the next 5 years. Your deposit is transferable to anyone you choose, in any amount you indicate. If for any reason you do not book treatment within 60 months, request a refund and we’ll send your deposit back to you. You enjoy a wonderful value protected against rate increases, and make an important contribution to Rasa Ayurveda.

$7,000 US – Receive Three Pancha Karma sessions of 21 days each (63 days) (Regular rate through October, 3010 is $8,694 Regular rate November 2010 – March 2011 is $9,954)

$5,000 US – Receive a Full Treatment Mandalam of 41 days, or split days into any configuration (Regular rate November 2010 – March 2011 is $6,478)

$3,900 US – Receive 30 days – a month-long Pancha Karma, or two 15 day sessions (Regular rate November 2010 – March 2011 is $4,740)

$1,350 US – Receive 10 days traditional Ayurvedic therapies (Regular rate through October, 2010 is $1,380 Regular rate November 2010 – March 2011 is $1,560)

All packages include complete Ayurvedic diagnosis and custom treatment plan, all traditional therapies and medicines, private room and private bath, delicious Kerala-style Ayurvedic meals prepared for your needs, Ayurvedic cooking classes, broadband internet connection, airport pickup/drop off and basic laundry service.

To take advantage of one of these offers, complete the Online Registration Form and pay in full before August 30, 2010!

Instead of entering your passport number, type in the offer code – ‘With a Friend’ or ‘Support’ (You’ll give us your passport number when you book dates.)

If you are interested in making a Donation instead of booking treatment, please email us.

We thank you and look forward to welcoming you to Rasa Ayurveda soon.